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The National Ski and Board Safety Association (NSBSA) is dedicated to winter recreation injury prevention. We  promote fitness, injury prevention, environmental and physical safety awareness through strategic collaboration and partnerships.   Our Covid Tips and Strategies for Resort guests and employees, are listed under Safety Initiatives on this site.

We value all volunteers and the assistance they give to the programs we aspire to; making winter outdoor recreation safe for all communities, with the commitment to preventing snow skiing and snow boarding related injuries and death.

 We advocate for safety and injury prevention messaging. We assist associations, businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions in injury prevention messaging on the slopes and in the outback, and wilderness environments..

We educate all ages,  all skill levels, and all fitness levels  in outdoor venues.  Environmental planning, conservation and preservation are also components of our organization.  Environmental awareness with sustainable outcomes and safer policies and procedures  have evolved from data driven research, collaborations, and partnerships we have created over the past few years.

           We value all  volunteers, whom help  promote injury prevention messaging, fitness and winter sport safety  on a regional and national level.

  We look forward to developing more long term partnerships and programs, with effective collaboration in injury prevention and safety messaging.  Physical fitness,  safety messaging and environmental awareness are key components within our seminars. We custom design workshops, and our events may be offered online, and on location. 

We believe injury prevention and fitness are  topics of importance in the ski and board industry.  We strive to make our educational products and programs, initiatives and challenges relevant and current. We look forward to new collaborations in winter sport safety, environmental awareness education and programming  for years to come.

If you would like to help us reach our program and website goals, give us a call. We are looking for volunteers to help with our injury prevention messaging. Using online networking , webinars , as well as site visits, we assist your program by  designing, promoting and messaging fitness,  winter sport safety and injury prevention messaging materials tailored for your organization.

Donations are always appreciated.  Contact Sara for more information.

 Sara Greenfield
NSBSA Executive Director
The National Ski and Board Safety Association

Cell     434 987 2074
Email     sara@safe2skiandboard.org

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