Our New Years Resolution: Injury Prevention Awareness 2012-13


Happy New Years

To Everyone on the Slopes  getting  some  me  time   ….

Getting ready for a competition ?  Just for Fun??    Are U Terrain Park Safety Aware?……..
Here is a great impromptu video made by perhaps a Mom or a concerned skier. Maybe she is on courtesy patrol, or national ski patrol,maybe she has a relative who got injured,  maybe she just would like to let you know skiing is inherently dangerous, so know what your limitations are, and be safe when you get your air time…Slope Style Injuries are common….. If you are going to get air, try it on a trampoline first, or in the pool, are you prepared to go upside down or execute 360’s and beyond? Have you been coached to take precautions when inverted or taking air? How are your landings? Jumps are much bigger today then in the past. Jumps are built with huge trucks, dozers,bucket loaders, anything the air enthusiast is going for.. So be terrain park smart.

Are you pre-jumping or getting air?  Watch this video…

Copy and paste this into your browser.. This is important for all extreme sport athletes to watch.  Professional, Expert , and intermediate Extreme Sport Enthusiasts. Know Your limits….

Reach your goals with training safely and beyond. Show this on the bus…..oh yeah….