Safety and Injury Prevention Is Fun

Sara Greenfield , The NSBSA’s Executive Director has been honored to collaborate with various programs and events over the past few years. Some of the programs she has collaborated with and  assisted by providing  injury prevention messaging  include;

Safe Kids Worldwide

Charlottesville Women’s 4 Miler Training Program

Wintergreen Adaptive Ski Training Program

Shenandoah National Park Trust

Programs which have contributed materials to NSBSA include;

Snell Helmets

Copy Cop

Aaron Watson Photography

The Center For Nonprofit Excellence/Charlottesville,VA

Charlottesville’s  Women’s 4 Miler Training Program

We look forward to developing more long term partnerships and programs, with effective collaboration in injury prevention and safety messaging.  Physical fitness,  safety messaging and environmental awareness are key components within our seminars.

monoWe custom design workshops, and our events may be offered online, and on site.  We advocate for injury prevention, fitness and environmental awareness in many venues, and look forward to doing so on a national scale. We believe injury prevention and fitness are  topics of importance in the ski and board industry, and we strive to make our educational products and programs, initiatives and challenges relevant and current, looking forward to having them integrated into winter sport outdoor education and recreation curriculum for years to come.


If you would like to help us reach our program and website goals, give us a call. We are looking for help with our website, social networking on a part time basis. Donations are always appreciated, we are a 501 (c)(3)

The  NSBSA Executive Director is Sara Greenfield

Contact The National Ski and Board Safety Association

Call our Office  434 293 3262

Call our Cell     434 987 2074

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Here is our new MOU……Take A Look………

MOU              Memorandum Of Understanding……

This MOU is to establish a working relationship and collaboration between
_________________________of _______________________________,
Organization’s Name                      Address
and The National Ski and Board Safety Association of Charlottesville, VA.

Both organizations are nonprofits whose compatible missions aim to serve their community with similar services and activities. NSBSA’s mission is to promote injury prevention messaging for winter sport and recreational activities. NSBSA also promotes fitness programs, environmental preservation programs in alpine environments and benefits individuals of all ages, and level of ability.
Organizations Name

While both organizations have target populations, both also provide community focused programs and services that build sustainable messaging and events that promote health and wellness, safety in sport and fitness for all ages and skill levels.

__________________________ and the NSBSA are continually striving to offer new programs that meet the needs of the communities they serve, including residents of__________________________________________.
Counties and State

As a result , these two organizations agree to work together to determine the gaps in recreational safety, working together to promote injury prevention education, developing a plan for future programs, establishing the needs and desires identified, and continually evaluating the program’s successes and areas for improvement.

Partners may seek funding opportunities of mutual benefit to their shared constiituency as they see fit. ______________________ may also choose to acquire and donate funds  to The NSBSA of an agreed upon amount, in writing, in a separate document in order to fulfill this mission successfully.

__________________________           Date_________________
Sara Greenfield  ED of NSBSA

__________________________           Date__________________

CEO,ED of Partnering Organization

__________________________           Date_____________________
CEO,ED of Partnering Organization









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