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Sitski with Tethered InstructorSara Greenfield, our founder and ED, spoke with The Wintergreen Adaptive Ski Program  Instructors and Program Directors concerning injury prevention and fitness messaging. They had a full plate of activities to accomplish.

Adaptive Ski Instructors are a different breed of instructor. Though Adaptive ski programs have been on the slopes for several years nationwide, these instructors seem to acquire additional sets of skills.

Several instructors and volunteers  are professional individuals with occupational  and handicapped certifications. Many were doctors, nurses, EMT’s etc. with experience in various branches of the medical field.

We discovered  additional  skill sets for student assessments are required.

Adaptive Ski Slider Close Up

Adaptive Ski Slider Close Up

Client assessments were much more involved in some cases than just a shake of the hand… The event was well received, and we look forward to additional collaboration with the adaptive ski community in the future.

Taking a Rest is a Good Idea

Taking a Rest is a Good Idea













The whole month of January enjoys  “Safety ” initiatives all over the country.

Various resorts  nationally are putting on safety events .  We believe highlighting  the need for ski and board safety, and how to enjoy the outdoor winter environment with safety first makes a difference. Look into your resort and see what they have planned. Tell us what resorts in your area are doing for safety initiatives .

Here are some of our ideas: Give a safety talk before and after extreme movies.  Schedule a talk on safety the evening before an event, or during awards ceremonies. Bring in speakers, movies and materials to promote snowboard and alpine ski safety. Network with your local ski patrol and instructors and plan a fun evening of social networking, skits,  dinner, awards…

What works for one resort, might be different in another. We encourage resorts to put on a myriad of events pushing safety and injury prevention, as well as fitness, and fun…  If you would like us to design a safety presentation for your resort or club, connect with us by phone or by email. We make it fun, informative and memorable. Choices are made to be safe or not, we found that better choices are made by individuals who received this type of education at the resort, or before they got there. Whatever you decide, make it fun and informative. Use some information from our site, or others. Support your talk with You Tube videos. Speak to injury prevention and fitness as well as environmental safety during the season.

A little knowledge goes a long way.

Encourage conversation on The Responsibility Code.

Speakers and safety materials can make the difference between a good choice and not a good choice.

 It’s how we connect and what we have to say that can save a life, or prevent serious injury.

Do Share this site, and its ideas and research with your friends and loved ones.

Have a great winter….Have a safe and injury free winter.

We’ll See You on the Slopes

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