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Outback Skiing and Boarding

Skiing and boarding in the outback, in national parks, or on terrain just outside of  resort boundaries is a common sport with adventure seekers. However, it is also a dangerous sport as well. Outback enthusiasts are encouraged to check the batteries and operational function of their Beacon and GPS devices before they enter out of bounds into unpatrolled, outback terrain. Never go into the outback without these devices. Never go alone,always go with a buddy… Jackson Hole, Wyoming has The Avalanche Center for Teton National Park forecasting avalanche danger on a daily basis, and may be reached by phone…Check to see if there is such a service in your area…     IMG_1294

IMG_1312Snow slides are easily triggered as new snow rests on weak or slick or wind packed snow surfaces underneath. When they are triggered, it is sometimes unclear which way they will slide or break, and slough off below. Skiers and boarders are often taken down with the slide and pushed into the trees causing injury and death…Especially in foggy or windy conditions, blowing  snow and white out conditions, outback sporting is dangerous, disorientation can occur.  Skiers and boarders are also pushed towards the trees in such conditions, and can get caught inside the tree well.

A tree well consists of  deep snow, it is soft, and if one is walking without snowshoes, a snowboard or skiis, one can actually fall into the snow,  covering the body, or even part of the torso, causing suffocation and death…When in the trees, keep your skiis, snowshoes or snowboard on your feet. If you are thinking of walking around without  equipment you are heavier than the snow beneath you, especially at higher elevations. Falling into a hole you may not be able to get out of is a recipe for disaster….Avoid Tree Wells, and trees if and when possible…Keep your equipment on your feet..Don’t over estimate your skill level…..IMG_1593


Happy New Years 2013

Terrain Park Sport

To Everyone on the Slopes  getting  some  me  time   ….

Getting ready for a competition ?  Just for Fun??    Are U Terrain Park Safety Aware?……..
We found some great You Tube video’s on injuries caused in terrain parks…Know what your limitations are, and be safe when you get your air time…Slope Style Injuries are common….. If you are going to get air, try it on a trampoline first, or in the pool, are you prepared to go upside down or execute 360’s and beyond? Have you been dryland coached to take precautions when inverted or taking air? How are your landings? Jumps are much bigger today then in the past. Jumps are built with huge trucks, bulldozers, bucket loaders, anything the air enthusiast is going for.. They are almost aways watered or salted to make them icy and faster. They should be clearly marked with blue or orange coloring, but sometimes the landings and take offs are not marked as well. Terrain Parks are getting safer, but are you??

Be  Terrain Park  Smart

Are you pre-jumping or getting air?  Watch this video…

Copy and paste this into your browser.. This is important for all extreme sport athletes to watch.  Common injuries occur every day….Professional, Expert , and Intermediate Extreme Sport Enthusiasts. Know Your limits…. Do not be pressured into going upside down …..

Reach your goals with training safely and beyond. Show this on the bus…..oh yeah….



Snowguns and Blowers

Snowguns and Blowers

There are a variety of new extreme sports that are coming to a resort near you.    There are individual events,  duo events, and multi-individual events such as ski and board crosses.

Competition  Freestyle Arials and Moguls, Slalom, Giant Slalom,  Alpine Downhill,  Super G, and Cross Country endurance events are all fun to be a part of… All of these extreme sports have regulation instruction and coaching  available through various resorts for skill and aptitude.

The terrain park safety codes are regulated well, but we would like to see more injury and safety awareness, including video  messaging to prevent athletes in training from serious injury and death.  We invite you to send us your links to extreme videos of extreme sports, so that we may add these to our site. Inspire Us To Be Safe….. Be Smart, Be Safe….

We Advocate for Extreme Winter Sport Safety ! Especially in K-12 Programs and absolutely on the Collegiate Level ……Colleges do not always send out a coach with students, so students must take this type of active role in their own injury prevention. Collegiate competition and recreation are not always just on the slopes…..So when on the slopes… Be Smart…Be Safe….Have Fun Safely…….

Ski and Board with a Buddy….Don’t push your limits until you are ready…

And Go For The Gold…..  Take your Speed and Air  Smartly and Safely….
We Look for the Platinum Finish….

You Get to Walk Away with Satisfaction You Did Your Best, And That Is Awesome Enough….



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