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Our Executive Director, Sara Greenfield, has been a volunteer injury prevention coordinator for the Charlottesville Women’s 4 Miler Training Program for the past several years. The program is fitness and injury prevention based. Safety and Injury Prevention IS Fun

We reach hundreds of women every summer who want to learn to walk and run safely for their fitness and health. Much of what we mirror in the NSBSA program  is very similar to the Women’s 4 Miler Training and injury prevention program.

The W4MTP  manuals now include 4 pages of injury prevention messaging. Every organization , with an interest in messaging winter sport safety and fitness should have a fitness and safety manual for their participants. .  We can help make that happen..for your organization, and through our collaborations and partnerships…..

Simple Stretching With The NSBSA

We believe it is very important to include simple stretching before, during and after physical recreational activities. We not only work on the physical muscles, and gentle stretching of the tendons, and such, but we also work on the breathing and calming aspects of our conditioning as well.

Breathe Deep

We encourage a participant to work on lengthening of their breathe during runs, walks, and extreme physical activity….Watching ones inhalations and exhalations make a big difference .

Breathe In for 2 counts, out for 2 counts,  In for 3 counts out for 3 counts,       and so on……..

Learning to maximize your oxygen intake and your circulatory heart rate improves with practice …..
Stretching greatly  improves circulation to the extremities outside and inside…. We do so with relaxed shoulders, an upright posture and core, freeing the head and neck from side to side.                           Try these gentle movements below.

Wheel Chair participants are encouraged to do as much of the stretching as possible… Take your time getting in and out of these stretches.

Face and Neck Circles                                                                                                                                   Shoulder Circles                                                                                                                                                     Arm Circles (Front, Back)
Arms  Reaching Up and Down in a Sky Stretch
Woods and Side stretches (with and without poles)
Reaching to R, then L  gentle pull optional                                                                                                   Hand Circles and Shaking
Hips Circle L and R Full Rotation
Half Squat arm on thighs
Half Lunge Both Sides
Come Up Slowly and Gently
Continuous Breathing, Lengthening Your Breathing Exercises
Free the Neck Side to Side                                                                                                                               Buddy Up and Balance
Balance on One Leg at a time
Hopping on One Leg  at a time
Jumping Jacks
Standing Leg Lifts                                                                                                                                           Runner’s Cross Leg Stretching in a Standing Position

Floor Exercises in a Sitting and Lying Position
Runners Stretches
Leg crosses and stretching
Ankles in Circles                                                                                                                                                       Cat and Dog Tilts                                                                                                                                                       Side to Side Rotations To Stretch Hip Muscles                                                                                               Gentle Roll Up to Standing

Wall Exercises                                                                                                                                                                Ankle and Calf Up and Down Stretching on The Wall

Before Going out to Slopes;
See How Your Boots Feel,  Is Your Equipment Secure?

Boot Adjustment or Rental Exchange May Occur

You Are Good To Go

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