biski  Sara Greenfield, spoke to a group of awesome adaptive instructors whom will be volunteering to teach in the Wintergreen Adaptive  Ski Program. These talented and passionate instructors  teach a variety of disabled skiers and boarders, navigating their way through various learning environments on the slopes.  NSBSA spoke to injury prevention, fitness training, running and walking technique, and common injuries and ailments resulting from long term exposure on the snow.

The need to  maintain a level of ease and comfort through a series of  student assessments including various stretches and mobility  exercises requires a level of fitness  and knowledge most were acquainted with. Many adaptive ski volunteers return year after year, becoming well trained, and certified in this field. We know they look forward to the snow as it arrives on the hill.


The Charlottesville Women’s 4 Miler Training Program

For  several summers, our founder, Sara Greenfield,  volunteered as safety prevention coordinator  and worked with dozens of volunteers in the fitness and injury prevention summer program .

Training to Be A Fitness and Safety CoachThis initiative reaches hundreds of women every summer and teaches fitness and injury prevention for dry land training specifically for walkers and joggers. This all women’s program addresses various types of injuries, how to prevent them, and how to make what could be a tough and boring experience fun and exciting… Dozens of female coaches are trained up with injury prevention as top priority in their manual and training packet. Over time, this program has affected thousands of women and speaks to the need for fitness and injury prevention in a recreational setting for all levels of experience and all ages too.

The yearly commitment of dozens of  women make this program a huge success , contributing  large amounts of time and energy towards community fitness and injury prevention awareness.

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